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Hi, my name is Clancy Ngolah, and I am a painter and Designer. As a 3rd-year African- Canadian Visual Arts student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, I thrive to apply the skills and knowledge obtained from my past experiences and social interests into my art practice. Despite where I am at the moment, I feel for my people. I was Born in Cameroon, a land of PROMISE and GLORY. At least that's what I used to think it was until I grew of age to learn the history of my people, until I grew of age to witness the suffering of my people and the neglect shown towards them by their own government, alongside the entire world. The Anglophone crisis maybe new to others, but to a majority of people it concerns, it is not a new story.

Although this issue has been going on for a while now( 2016), the lack of media coverage and  care shown by the UN and other world organizations is becoming more and more alarming. If it hadn't been for my aunt who recently came to Canada on a refugee visa, informing me of the violent acts being carried out by the Cameroonian government and military, I wouldn't have known how bad this situation has gotten. Learning about her situation and that of 100's  thousands of innocent Cameroonians that were in far  worst conditions, not only brought me to tears, but it angered me.

In 2019 the NRC named the englophone crisis as " The World's most Neglected Displacement Crisis" and yet nothing has been done about it. I decided to use my platform and skills as an artist to shed light to this situation within the art and African community with hopes  that they too can spread awareness to their desired platforms. I am creating a series of paintings that Canvey the emotions being felt as I further inform myself of this crisis. We cannot sit down and wait for change to come, we need to go out there and create the change we want to see.

I started this new series of art as a way to express the the torment, pain and suffering my people have been and still are currently facing.  Please spread the word.

Thank You

Clancy Ngolah

Worlds most neglected Crisis.jpg
Worlds most neglected crisis.jpg

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